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3 Factors to Consider During Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography can involve a modest outfit or something as revealing as lingerie. It is

more about looking sexier and playful in outfits your fiancé will love to see you. Because it is a

relatively new form of photography, most women don’t know what a session with their

Photographer Boudoir may involve and how to prepare for it. If you want to prepare for

boudoir photography, it is recommended to consider these 3 factors.



1. Your Outfits & Props

You can choose lingerie or something as modest as tank top and jeans. Make sure you know

what your fiancé loves to see you in. You may also pair a sexy top with cute boy-shorts for a

more playful look. Your Photographer Boudoir may also provide you exotic wardrobe options

and can help in choosing something that looks best on you. You can also add props and

accessories like jewelry, stockings, or umbrellas for add more fun. Discuss your outfits with the

photographer to check what they have so that you could determine whether you need to bring

something yourself.


2. Makeup & Hairdo

A good Photographer Boudoir will bring along makeup artists and hairstylists so that you will

not have to worry about it. You can determine whether your makeup styles should be natural

or heavy. The stylist and photographer can also provide inputs. If you have certain products

that work better on you, you may bring them along.


3. The Poses

An experienced Photographer Boudoir knows what poses make photos great. They also know

what works best for different body types and sizes. Expect to spend a lot of time lying on your

stomach or back. The three most common techniques include:

 Leg lifts

 Arched backs

 Torso twists


The photographer will also suggest expresses and gazes to make you look sexier and cuter. The

right Photographer Boudoir will also show you how to go about your poses.


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