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~Orange County Wedding Photographer~


Orange County Wedding Photographer - Karen French

What Makes a Great Orange County wedding Photographer?

You have checked a wedding photographer’s portfolio and are really impressed by the photos they have captured. It may seem that you don’t need to look for anyone else. After all, high quality, creative photos are what you are looking for. However, the choice of a good wedding photographer doesn’t just stop with the photos. A professional who is great for someone else may not be so for you. So you should also check the following traits before choosing your Orange County wedding Photographer.


Consider their Personality

Your Orange County wedding Photographer and your wedding planner are the two people who are going to spend the entire day with you. When interviewing the photographer, evaluate their personality for how flexible and patient they are. Being a good photographer means someone who is friendly and adjusting. They will have to deal with different people and work hard to capture the photos you desire. If they are not patient, it can be really hard for them to work with you.


Participates in the Planning

Many wedding photographers will be concerned only with the photo shot. A good Orange County wedding Photographer will play a role in planning the iconic moments of your wedding. They should know how to set up the couple for great photos. In other words, your photographer should keep providing inputs to help get the best out of the wedding photography.



This is something you can expect from experienced and innovative professionals. For example, a good photographer will provide inputs on locations, lights, shadows, backgrounds and poses among other factors. So consider all these factors when choosing the best Orange County wedding Photographer. It will require much more than evaluating the portfolio and rates. You should look for a professional who is easy to work with, provides their inputs and also listens to you.


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