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4 Bridal Boudoir Photography Tips to Feel & Look Your Best

Boudoir photography is a growing trend. Since it is something new and has a more intimate

touch and feel to it, most brides are not always ready for it, from within. If you are feeling a

little puzzled about your Bridal Boudoir Photography session, these tips will help you feel more

confident and focused on the session.



1. Think & Practice Being Sexy


If you don’t feel sexy, you cannot act it. Before the Bridal Boudoir Photography session, check

yourself in the mirror. Look for the best angles and features that make you look sexier. Think of

your groom and think of what will help in seducing him. Once you think like that you will start

feeling more comfortable and confident in your skin. Your poses and outfits should show your

best features, and the right photographer will provide you detailed information so that you can

look your best.



2. Get Best Makeup & Hairdo


Make sure to look your best for your Bridal Boudoir Photography session. If your photographer

doesn’t have a makeup and hair team, get your stylist to do beautify in your best. The better

you will look, the better you will feel about the photo shoot, and it will also help bring out your

best, making your look more natural when posing.



3. Get in the Fun Mode


Enjoy your Bridal Boudoir Photography session like it’s a party. Professional boudoir

photographers create a party-like environment to help their clients feel more involved and

natural. Some professionals also allow you to bring your favorite playlists along and they may

even provide wine. The more enjoyable the photo-shoot session is, the more comfortable you

will feel. One of the main objectives of creating a fun environment is to eliminate that awkward

smile that comes when you don't feel to comfortable in those poses.



4. Be a Little Adventurous


Your Bridal Boudoir Photography session is not your normal wedding photo shoot. Its different

and unique. Make sure you too feel a little different on the occasion. Be a little adventurous to

surprise your groom. At the same time you should feel comfortable and safe during the shoot.

So follow these 4 tips to look and feel your best during your bridal boudoir photo shoot.