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3 Questions to Ask Before Your Hire a Boudoir Photographer


Boudoir photography is a growing trend among brides and others who love to add a little more

spice to their life or relationship. Finding the right Boudoir Photographer can be a difficult task.

Even when you come across a few reputable names, it is important to choose one who can

make you more comfortable and can deliver the results you desire. So make sure you know

what questions to ask a photographer before you agree to have them capture your glamorous



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Here are 3 questions you should ask before hiring such a photographer’s services.


1. How Experienced Are You?

Every wedding photographer cannot call themselves a Boudoir Photographer. Ask them how

much specialized experience they have in boudoir photography. Look for someone who has

vast experience in photographing a wider range of clients across different:

 Age groups

 Body size

 Comfort levels


In fact, experience with professional models is also different than working with ordinary people.

So choose someone who has more relevant experience than just any photographer.



2. What Should I Wear for the Photo Shoot?

You may already have something in your mind, but an experienced Boudoir Photographer

knows through experience the clothing that works best for different body types and occasions.

They can recommend what will suit you best and what will not. You can bring a larger variety of

outfits. If your fiancé has already gifted you some intimate wear, you should also bring them.

While you can choose what you want to wear, it is best to get the recommendations from the




3. How Long Will I Have to Wait for the Photos?

Each Boudoir Photographer has different timelines for processing the photos. Photo editing,

retouching and processing can take some time. Depending on your needs and whether you plan

to head for your honeymoon, you should discuss the timelines from the very beginning.

Also ask the Boudoir Photographer about your hair and makeup. Will they take care of it or will

you have to arrange for it yourself? So ask all these questions before you hire the services of

such a photographer.



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