Boudoir Photo Shoots

~Boudoir Photo Shoots~


3 Tips to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Shoots


Boudoir photography is a beautiful part of being a bride and many newlywed women are

increasingly making it a part of their wedding. Boudoir Photo Shoots deliver captivating, sexy

and empowering photos for creating your boudoir album to gift your partner. Many brides find

it intimidating, but once you know what to wear you will find it to be a wonderful experience.

The following tips will help you prepare and feel excited about the photo shoot.


Boudoir Photo Shoots - Karen French Photography


1. Try Clothing You Have Always Wanted


Your boudoir photo shoot can be the perfect opportunity to wear the clothing you have always

wanted to wear. Check yourself in the mirror and find out how you look. Ask your stylist to

customize the hairdo and makeup to your outfit. However, you should be open to other options

too. Avoid buying something that is a smaller size than your normal size. The lingerie should be the

perfect size. Anything smaller is more likely to pinch and make you feel uncomfortable.



2. Consider Your Bulges


You should also consider your stomach when wearing your lingerie. While your photographer

can do a lot in helping many flaws disappear, they cannot do much to create the same effect on

your stomach. There are many intimate dresses that can help hide that tummy and still expose

your sweet spots. Most of the time, the photographers can make excellent suggestions for your

Boudoir Photo Shoots.



3. Check Your Outfit & Accessories


If you are buying anything new, make sure to check the outfit and accessories before you put

them on. So if you have a new pair of shoes, make sure that the stickers are removed. Similarly,

cut the tags off the clothes. Be well prepared and organized before the Boudoir Photo Shoots.

So follow all these tips to ensure that you have the perfect Boudoir Photo Shoots.



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